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Leonardo's Vision

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Valerie A. Brown AO, BSc MEd PhD, is Director, Local Sustainability Project, Fenner School of Environment and Society, Australian National University and Emeritus Professor of Environmental Health, University of Western Sydney. Her wide experience includes membership of national scientifi c and medical councils, executive member of the national federation of consumer organisations, and Chair of Greenpeace Australia. In 1999 she was appointed an Offi cer of the Order of Australia for advocacy for sustainable development. Her team-written books include Sustainability and Health: supporting global ecological integrity in public health, 2005 and Social Learning and Environmental Management: towards a sustainable future 2005. "In this rich treasure trove of historical inspiration, contemporary ideas, and future-oriented how-to's, Valerie Brown has brought together a lifetime of work synthesizing science, participatory processes, and action for sustainability. A seasoned explorer, she moves effortlessly between disciplines as she describes a comprehensive approach to tackling the great challenges of our time - together. Because together is the only way they can be tackled. Read, learn, and act." - Alan AtKisson, author, Believing Cassandra, and Executive Director, Earth Charter International. "Leonardo's Vision is essential reading for all those wishing to capture the emerging opportunity for collective thinking and action. The book provides a number of rigorous models and processes drawing on the author's extensive experience in supporting community efforts towards a sustainable future. I have learned that one should pay serious attention to anything that Valerie publishes and this is no exception." - Charlie Hargroves, coauthor, The Natural Advantage of Nations and Executive Director of The Natural Edge Project.

Visions Of A Sacred Truth

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I closed my eyes as I fell straight down not wishing to see as I crashed among the rocks. I felt my body crush, every bone, as I hit the hard surface of the flat rocks. An excruciating pain electrified my body but only for a moment and then no pain at all; nothing, only darkness. L.B. Owens

Based on True events In her first literary endeavour, L.B. Owens takes us on a spiritual and physical journey into her past as she searches for the meaning of the dreams/visions that she has had since the age of five. Rich in texture, historical content and deeply moving, she tells her story in the hope that others will be inspired by her struggle to gain understanding of their own Sacred Journey into the past.

L.B. Owens is a Spiritual teacher and a Akashic Records Consultant. She is Internationally known for her Past Life Intuitive gift and healing.

Radical Visions

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Find a college teacher prepared to risk his career because he is convinced that undergraduate elective curricula must be abandoned and ready to lay out a detailed remedy. Add a partner in full agreement, to share the risk. That is the improbable story of Stringfellow Barr and Scott Buchanan and their 1937 creation, at St. John's College of an all-required four-year curriculum based on the great books. Then add their shared convictions in attacking the Cold War, standing together for civil liberties and against McCarthyism. This story of personal courage is based on Nelson's knowledge and access to unpublished manuscripts and hundreds of letters.

Nelson tells the story of a remarkable life-long friendship and collaboration. He describes the 1937 transformation of St. John's College in Annapolis, in which an all-required, four-year program of study built around the great books of the Western tradition, the study of languages, mathematics, and science replaced the conventional elective curriculum. The influences on other institutions, from Oxford's Balliol College to the University of Chicago are traced and related.

Nelson examines the effort of the U.S. Navy, in the closing days of World War II, to acquire the campus of St. John's. This is followed by the unsuccessful efforts of Barr and Buchanan, after leaving St. John's, to start another college. Barr is persuaded to head the Foundation for World Government, in the course of which he and Buchanan redefine the nature of the problem of world law and world peace. The Cold War intervenes, and a new set of complications arises, subjecting Barr to attack from the McCarthyites, and the Foundation to attack from the Internal Revenue Serice. Nelson also reviews Barr's first hand encounter with India and its charismatic leaders.He recounts Buchanan's five month visit to the kibbutzim of Israel. The remainder of the text reviews their extensive writings and their years as Fellows of Robert Hutchins' Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions. Based on Charles A. Nelson's knowledge of both men and access to extensive unpublished manuscripts and hundreds of revealing letters, the book will be of interest to scholars, students, and researchers involved with American higher education, the world government movement, and post-World War II civil liberty issues.


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