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Don't Forget Your Sunglasses

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In this, the second edition of her popular book "Don't Forget Your Sunglasses: A Parent's Survival Guide to Kindergarten", Dr. Benyo tackles more of the questions and issues that concern parents, practically doubling the length of the first edition. From How to Set Limits to How to Answer 'Why?', Dr. Benyo offers clear, concise suggestions of value to parents whose youngsters will be starting or are enrolled in kindergarten (recommended for ages 3-6). The author also provides ideas on how to dress, attending school parties, taking a vacation during school, packing a lunch, contacting the teacher or principal, and so much more. Her views of kindergarten as an elementary teacher, school principal, and professor of students studying to become teachers, as well as her experiences as a parent of five children, give her a unique perspective of the needs of children and their parents.

Chalcogenide Glasses For Infrared Optics

RRP $128.95

Cutting-edge techniques for yielding high-quality chalcogenide glasses

This pioneering work describes the technology, developed over a 50-year period, to utilize chalcogenide glasses as infrared optical materials. Methods for qualitatively identifying chalcogenide glass compositions and producing high-purity homogeneous glass are discussed.

"Chalcogenide Glasses for Infrared Optics" includes unique production techniques developed through the author's work at both Texas Instruments (TI) and Amorphous Materials, Inc. (AMI). The production of vacuum float zoned silicon, gallium arsenide, and cadmium telluride, all useful in infrared technology, is explained. The book highlights examples of how glass composition can be changed to enhance a particular property.

Coverage includes: Transmission of light by solids Physical properties of chalcogenide glasses Glass production Careful characterization of glass properties Conventional lens fabrication--spherical surfaces Molding of unconventional aspheric lenses with diffractive surfaces Glass processes for other applications IR imaging bundles made from chalcogenide glass fibers Production of infrared crystalline materials at AMI Development of an automatic ellipsometer system at TI

Inorganic Glasses For Photonics - Fundamentals, Engineering, And Applications

RRP $223.95

Advanced textbook on inrganis glasses suitable for both undergraduates and researchers.

  • Engaging style to facilitate understanding


  • Suitable for senior undergraduates, postgraduates and researchers entering material science, engineering, physics, chemistry, optics and photonics fields


  • Discusses new techniques in optics and photonics including updates on diagnostic techniques


  • Comprehensive and logically structured


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