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How To Be A Brilliant Doctor

RRP $14.99

An exciting new reader for young children. Eye-catching photography and action-packed illustrations are accompanied by simple sentences that allow children to read independently. The iron-on badge and the certificate at the end of the book make the child feel part of the action!

A Dublin Student Doctor

RRP $15.99

Devoted readers of Patrick Taylor's Irish Country novels know Doctor Fingal Flahertie O'Reilly as a pugnacious general practitioner in the quaint Irish village of Ballybucklebo. Now, in "A Dublin Student Doctor, " Taylor turns back the clock to give us a portrait of the young Fingal and show us the pivotal events that shaped the man he would become.In the 1930s, fresh from a stint in the Royal Navy Reserve, and against the wishes of his disapproving father, Fingal O'Reilly goes to Dublin to study medicine. Fingal and his fellow aspiring doctors face the arduous demands of Trinity College and Sir Patrick Dun's Hospital. The hours are long and the cases challenging, but Fingal manages to find time to box and play rugby and to romance a fetching, gray-eyed nurse named Kitty O'Hallorhan. Dublin is a city of slums and tenements, where brutal poverty breeds diseases that the limited medical knowledge of the time is often ill-equipped to handle. His teachers warn Fingal not to become too attached to his patients, but can he truly harden himself to the suffering he sees all around him or can he find a way to care for his patients without breaking his heart? "A Dublin Student Doctor "is a moving, deeply human story that will touch longtime fans as well as readers who are meeting Doctor Fingal O'Reilly for the very first time."

A Maverick And A Half/her Texas Rescue Doctor

RRP $14.99

A Maverick And A Half — Marie Ferrarella

Rust Creek Ramblings

New single mum Marina Laramie has returned to her classroom for the first time since baby Sydney was born. Did you hear about her parent-teacher conference with handsome ranching dad Anderson Dalton?  Seems they bonded over his young son Jake, and now we here at the Gazette are hearing there is a marriage in the works!

A rancher, a schoolteacher, a grade-schooler and a baby: it does paint a lovely picture. But is it too good to be true?  Those in the know whisper this is a marriage of convenience to help Anderson gain custody of his son. We, however, are rooting for something more. Raise your hands, hopeful romantics, if you think Marina and Anderson's 'arrangement' has the makings of a grade-A love match!

Her Texas Rescue Doctor — Caro Carson

Living in her Hollywood movie star sister's shadow is hard enough! But as her personal assistant, Grace Jackson is continually repairing the damage the diva leaves in her wake. And now her antics have landed her in the Texas Rescue ER! What Grace needs is to find her sister the perfect man — someone to dispel the rumour mill...

Enter ER Dr Alex Gregory: he's dignified and a bit of a nerd. Still, he has an eye for genuine people like lovely Grace. So he reluctantly agrees to let Grace make him over and help salvage her sister's reputation. From geek to chic, Alex becomes a dazzling escort for a celebrity charity ball. But Grace had to wonder: did she re-make Alex for her sister — or herself?

Please Don't Cry, Cheyenne

RRP $14.99

"Please Don't Cry, Cheyenne" follows a young girl in junior high school who must deal with being bullied by her classmates. Cheyenne is a very poor girl; plain to look at and has no friends to call her own. She is on the outside, desperately looking in. She has been bullied and humiliated almost on a daily basis by the same rich clique for years; yet Cheyenne wants nothing more than to be accepted by them...especially the group's leader, Crystal Jones, who has it all. Follow Cheyenne through her journey to reveal her amazing triumph and you just may discover the inner strength in you! You'll both cry and rejoice with Cheyenne. I hope that Please Don't Cry, Cheyenne will inspire millions of kids to be a friend to someone who is bullied. You have the power to make a difference!

Redesigning Professional Education Doctorates

RRP $274.99

This volume demonstrates that Critical Friendship Theory can help distinguish education doctorate (EdD) programs from research doctorates (education PhDs). Drawing on multiple, detailed case studies of CFT implementation at universities, it covers curriculum and implementation, online and in-person education, challenges, and strategies for success.


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