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Numerical Methods In Contact Mechanics

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Computational contact mechanics is a broad topic which brings together algorithmic, geometrical, optimization and numerical aspects for a robust, fast and accurate treatment of contact problems.
This book covers all the basic ingredients of contact and computational contact mechanics: from efficient contact detection algorithms and classical optimization methods to new developments in contact kinematics and resolution schemes for both sequential and parallel computer architectures. The book is self-contained and intended for people working on the implementation and improvement of contact algorithms in a finite element software.
Using a new tensor algebra, the authors introduce some original notions in contact kinematics and extend the classical formulation of contact elements. Some classical and new resolution methods for contact problems and associated ready-to-implement expressions are provided.


1. Introduction to Computational Contact.
2. Geometry in Contact Mechanics.
3. Contact Detection.
4. Formulation of Contact Problems.
5. Numerical Procedures.
6. Numerical Examples.

About the Authors

Vladislav A. Yastrebov is a postdoctoral-fellow in Computational Solid Mechanics at MINES ParisTech in France. His work in computational contact mechanics was recognized by the CSMA award and by the Prix Paul Caseau of the French Academy of Technology and Electricite de France.

The Ray And Wave Theory Of Lenses

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Calculations on lens systems are often marred by the unjustifiable use of the small-angle approximation. This book describes in detail how the ray and wave pictures of lens behaviour can be combined and developed into a theory capable of dealing with the large angles encountered in real optical systems. A distinct advantage of this approach is that Fourier optics appears naturally, in a form valid for arbitrarily large angles. The book begins with extensive reviews of geometrical optiks, eikonal functions and the theory of wave propagation. The propagation of waves through lenses is then treated by exploiting the close connection between eikonal function theory and the stationary phase approximation. Aberrations are then discussed, and the book concludes with various applications in lens design and analysis, including chapters on laser beam propagation and diffractive optical elements. Throughout, special emphasis is placed on the intrinsic limitations of lens performance. The many practical insights it contains, as well as the exercises with their solutions, will be of interest to graduate students as well as to anyone working in optical design and engineering.


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Contact Lenses Eyes Optical Optometrist
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